Low Income Home Energy and Water Assistance Program Instructions 

This application must be filled out, signed and dated completely. Copies of all the following documents must be included or your application cannot be processed. 

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is based on eligibility. Eligibility is based on income and resources available to the applicant which includes but is not limited to SSI, Employment, Retirement Benefits, Child Support, etc.
    • Upon determination that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements, the listed vendor (Gas/Electric company) will receive payment towards the applicant’s utility bill.
  • Application must be completed and signed, and all required documents must be submitted to the Family Services Department before assistance can be provided.
  • A new application must be submitted each year for assistance.
  • Once the applicant has applied through the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, they cannot apply through the State of Utah Heating Program. If the applicant applies with both programs, it is a violation of federal funds, and is considered a serious abuse of public funds, and will require repayment to one or both entities.

Required Documentation must be received before any assistance can be provided.  Please send copies only, as originals will not be returned. Documentation includes:

  • Copy of photo identification and Tribal CIB for primary applicant
  • Copies of proof of income received in previous month by all individuals in the home (check stubs, SSI, retirement benefits, child support, food stamps, etc.)
    • If individuals over 18 do not receive income, they must provide a signed written explanation
  • Copies of the applicants most recent heating bill(s) (Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Coal, Wood, Other)
  • Completed and Signed Landlord Statement
  • Medical expenses to be deducted

For APPLICATION QUESTIONS, contact Family Services at 435-586-1112.