COVID-19 Data Report

October 7, 2022
Click here to read this week's COVID-19 data report. If you have any questions, please contact your nearest FourPoints Health clinic.

Member Services Team

October 7, 2022
Did you know that we now have a dedicated Member Services Team that offers insurance enrollment assistance, and prior authorization referral care services (formerly PRC) for qualifying Tribal Members and their families? This new team consists of three key individuals:Member Services Manager - This role is currently filled by Tiarrah Sims. As the Member Services Manager, she works as advocate for Tribal Members and coordinates closely with internal and external providers to ensure continuity of care. She is the first point of contact when requesting an authorization number.Member Services Billing Coordinator - This role is currently filled by Abby Imlay. As the Billing Coordinator, she is responsible for timely processing of claims from external offices. The Billing Coordinator is the first point of contact for any questions related to bills from outside offices. Member Services Enrollment Specialist - This role is currently filled by Jodi Jensen. As the Enrollment Specialist, Jodi works with patients, and community members to provide education and assistance related to insurance enrollment. She is the first point of contact for eligibility and enrollment assistance. You can learn more about this team by visiting:

FourPoints Health Community Nights

October 7, 2022
We have enjoyed two of the four Community Nights! Thank you to all who came and participated. For those living in the Shivwits, or Cedar City area, we invite you to join us for a night full of immunization education, light refreshments, and fun!Shivwits – Tuesday, 10/11 at the Shivwits Band BuildingCedar – Thursday, 10/13 at the Youth & Senior Center For questions about these events, please contact Roger Clark or Cassie Meredith at (435) 586-1112.

COVID-19 Update

September 29, 2022
Our FourPoints Health clinics continue to offer COVID-19 testing and vaccinations in addition to a variety of other health services. Click here to read the weekly COVID-19 Data Report.