The White House Administration released a powerful statement earlier today in preparation of National Day of Service and Remembrance 2022.

An excerpt reads, “On September 11, 2001, ordinary Americans performed extraordinary acts of heroism. Firefighters and police officers rushed into crumbling buildings and raging fires to save others. EMTs, construction workers, colleagues, and strangers tended to the wounded. Passengers and crew members gave their lives to thwart another attack. And a generation of women and men answered the call of duty by joining our Armed Forces to defend our freedom and our democracy.

These patriots — people of undaunted courage, uncommon resolve, and unwavering perseverance — are forever ingrained in our national character. They are reminders that we are a great country because we are a good people. On this Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance, we pay tribute to the heroes and victims who lost their lives on September 11, and we recommit ourselves to the spirit of unity, patriotism, and service that carried our Nation through in the days that followed.”

Don’t forget to participate in community service TODAY in honor of the National Day of Service & Remembrance on September 11th. For those who participate, we invite you to share images on social media tagging @PaiuteIndianTribeofUtah.