PITU Cry House Project

Over the past few years, we have recognized the need to have a building dedicated solely for our Traditional Ceremonies to support our Tribal Members and families. Our Paiute customs, traditions, culture, and ceremonies are very important to us, and we want our teachings to perpetuate for future generations.  We also acknowledge the need to have a building that is designated for our sings and memorials that can be used any day of the week according to the needs of our Tribal Members.  

The PITU Cry House Project will include the following (expand each box below):

Building Features

We have included a conceptual design of what the interior of this building could look like.  This will easily change in the final design, but we want to ensure the building includes the following features:

  • Vestibule entrance 
  • Kitchen 
  • Feast Area 
  • Family Area 
  • Restrooms 
  • Handicap accessible parking and entrance
  • Sound System for speakers and services
  • Storage 
  • 14’ Ceiling 
  • HVAC System 
  • Drinking fountain / water bottle fill station 
  • Exterior landscaping 
  • Dedicated Burn Pit located near the exterior of the building. 
  • Exterior: designated burn pit near the Cry House (location to be determined). 
We are limited on the Tribe’s available land.  We have identified the location on the diagram as the best location to build the new facility.  This will support parking, utilities, privacy, and accommodating access. In addition to the new facility our plans include: 
  • Relocating the current designated camp area next to the new Paiute Play Park and Youth and Senior Center.  This will also be closer proximity to the restrooms and showers. 
  • We will extending the parking – eliminating our current car compound and the current camping area. This will expand parking in a safe manner. 

Q: How will the project be funded?
A: The project is budgeted with a portion of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds the Tribe received to invest in strategic projects in response to the impact of COVID-19 in our community. The project is an allowable use of funds in response to the Public Health Emergency. The project is a necessary mitigation strategy in accordance with the Final Rule and FAQ’s for the ARPA funding. 

Q: Will the Cry House be available for everyone?
The Cry House will be available for our Tribal Members use for our traditional ceremonies. 

Q: Will there be a cost to use the Cry House
A: There will be no cost to use the building for our traditional ceremonies. 

Q: Will there be a designated smoking area
A: We will designate smoking areas marked around the building. 

Q: What about the Band areas?
A: This project will be on the Tribe’s reservation in Cedar City, UT.Each Band received its own allocation of ARPA funds. Each Band is managing their own projects and how they choose to use their allocated funds in accordance with the federal guidelines.

Q: Are there plans for a future cemetery?
This something we are exploring. 

Provide Suggestions

Click here to submit suggestions regarding the PITU Cry House Project. Suggestions can also be sent to rhill@pitu.gov